20. September 2012

Hi Hi gals <3

I think I just should stop to apologize because I didn’t write a long time again u.u 

A lot of great stuff happened but its too long away to post about it so I post just 2 new stuff I’m really happy about <3

First: I FLY IN 96 DAYS TO TOKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *_* for 11 days <3 I fly at 25 december 2012 and go to Shibuya Fukubukuro 2013 *____*  last Sunday I booked with a friend. He’s halve Japanese so it’s a biiiiig plus because of the Japanese language. I was a bit lazy the last time to learn Japanese u.u
Then I also booked to go to Dusseldorf International GYARU Lovers Winter Meet in January 2013.  

I really cant wait <3

2nd: I told you last time I went to a photo shooting with my friends and finally some of the pictures are here ^^  PictureCopyright: Eda Gregr
Now I see the pictures I have to say I don’t like my makeup which I made XD especially the bottom lashes u.u

Well I try to post again soon XD

Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V