21. Oktober 2011

Just A Little Post

Hi Hi <3^^ today i make just a little post.
Today was just a boring day -.- I have to stay since 1 week at home because I almost broke my feet -.- Fortunately its not really broken just a little bit >.< But it hurts >,< I WANT TO GO TO WORK >,< its boooring -.-
Well to make the time goes faster past I made my own style day XD I needed over 2 hour XD .
I have a huge mirror in my bedroom  so I put a chair before and start XD later I made some pictures

Tomorrow comes 2 friends and we make a gossip girl evening (can’t wait *____*) it’s gonna be funny ^^  I gonna make a post at Sunday  but before I need to clean my room -.- I hate this -.-   and I hate it more with an almost broken feet >,<  well I write at Sunday again ^^ hope to see you guys


16. Oktober 2011

A Huge Sorry And Holidays

Hi Hi <3
Holy crap (o_O) I don`t write over 3 month (>o<)
I am a horrible blogger (-.- )
I am sooooo sorry m(_ _)m   
I  forgot my blog and had noting special to tell just work, sleep, work, sleep… booring -.-
Well I hope this will never happen again >,< Gomen nasai  m(_ _)m


Now I`ve got a Holidays post for you O(≧∇≦)O
I was last week (9.10.2011 – 12.10.11)  at Copenhagen. Not a long time but it was Amazing <3 Everything was sooooo colorful and everybody was nice (everyone there was  thinking I am from Denmark because blonde hair and blue eyes and tall (>.<))
I think I show you some pictures <3
pictures tell more than words o(^-^)o 
~~~ヾ(^∇^) Good Morning Copenhagenー♪
Our Hotel
I love the old buildings <3 (*_*)
sooo many bicycle (*゚O゚)
Me and my family at the mermaid (^_^)
The beautiful castle of the king and queen of denmark(*´o`*)
Well I think that’s enough (^. ^)  I hope you like it (^. ^)and I hope we see us again(^ _ ^)/~~
Sorry again for the long non posting time m(._.)m

Xoxo Anie

14. Juli 2011

Finally New Ink

Hi Hi <3
Finally I got my tattoo <3
I wanted this tattoo over a few years and now I was not scary about the hurt ( I HATE hurt -.-)
I don’t want that you scary about making tattoo but this fucking hurt like hell
No one of my 3 “old “tattoos hurts like this T_T
I want to show you guys some pictures ^^

 First she has copied the picture to a special paper and drawn/stick it on my body and this what it looks like^^

after she has tattooed the lines it looks like this ^ ^

3 hours later was the tattoo finished and I was dead
Now I am really happy that I got my lovely tattoo <3
For you guys who don’t know why this tattoo, it’s the band logo from Avenged Sevenfold <3
The tattoo was made by Petra --->  http://www.skininktattoo.ch/
xoxo Anie

10. Juli 2011

First Official Blog-Post

Welcome again ^^
I write a little bit about me and my blog at the Welcome On My Site! This Is Story Of Anie post.
Now I am ready with the design *_* and i can say : yes I am happy with the blog design.
I want to tell you a little bit more about me and this blog. There are a lot where I don`t write at my first post XD Well I don`t know where starting first >,< Ok I think I start with my first passion.
It`s Japan.
I love the japanese Gal, Gyaru style and Gothic Lolita style and Decora and all these difference styles... that is so amazing *_* 
why I love Japan ?
Ok. that is easy to tell you XD When I was 13 I read a lot of mangas XD and than I listen to visual-kei and j-rock and j-pop. My favorite are Girugamesh, The GazettE, Kanon Wakashima, Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki and of course Miliyah Kato and pretty much more^^ When i grow up I was very interessed to style and I learn about the different style in japan and I fall again in love with japan.
I was never in japan. I wanted to go to Tokyo at 25.4.2011 but I can`t go because what happen in japan T_T that was one of my sadest moment in my life T_T I wait over 6 years to go to tokyo and now I have to wait again -.- life is reckless
change the theme please >,< okeey hmm.. what can I tell you more about me......Ah! I love tattoos XD I`ve got 5 tattoos and always comes more :D Its like art for me and I love art. 
These are my 2 biggest passions ^^ 

I have to warn you guys. I write in my text a lot of : *_* , >,<, -.-, o.O, T_T, XD and much more how you can see. I am really sorry about that but that`s me >,<

Well I hope you like my posts and have fun with reading and thank you guys for reading my blog <3

You know now about me that I love japan, style, music and more, tattoos and I write/talk too much hahaha I just stop with talking when I got cupcakes or shushi *_* oh damn now I am hungry -.- I think my next post is about how to make the best cupcakes in the world XD

sayonara <3


8. Juli 2011

Welcome On My Site! This Is Story Of Anie

Hi Hi ^.^ I am Anie. Actually Stephanie but all my friends call me Anie XD
I am a 20-year-old girl from Switzerland blogging about the life and likings and my best girlfriends. I am here to share sweet things in my life. Unfortunately my english is not perfect so I am really sorry if I write something wrong >,< I do my best ^.^ I hope you enjoy and see ya
xoxo Anie