30. Dezember 2012

Slow Internet in Tokyo

hi hi

Actually I wanted to post everyday about the time in tokyo but I can`t do this. The internet is freaking slow and it takes hours for write something and its really horrible -.- I will make a huuuuge post about tokyo when I am back at home but I have a really good time here in tokyo. Everything is just amazing <3

sayonaraaa till I am back home ^^

23. Dezember 2012


Hi Hi <3

Did you survive the “world end” well? I’m still alive <3
Anyway I never believed in it u.u because the world can`t goes down till I was in Tokyo and Seoul and other countries and find the perfect man so it will never goes down XD

Yesterday I went with Nicole to Konstanz for doing nails and shopping. I bought only some mini cosmetic stuff for Tokyo travel and leggings. Nicole bought some really nice shoes *0* they are really hot but I can never wear this kind of shoes because I’m already tall (175) XD Nicole is taller than me but she have really more self-confidence for wearing this kind of shoes

My New Nails <3

In one day and around 12 hours I finally flying to Tokyo <3 I really can’t wait <3

Since the day before yesterday I started to pack my suitcase but I’m still not finished XD it’s really hard not to pack too much stuff XD and it’s really chaotic and I really have to buy some stuff tomorrow in Zurich. I still need an adapter for Japan >.<

Today my friend Erik came to me because we wanted to do the check-in but I forgot that we can check in only 24 hours before we flying XD he cooked オムライス/ omurice and it was really yummy <3

This is my last entry till Tokyo but I take my laptop to Tokyo for writing posts about Tokyo in Tokyo XD

I wish everyone MERRY CHRISMAS and sayonaraaa till I’m in Tokyo *0*

15. Dezember 2012

Anie Goes Tokyo: Fukubukuro 2013

Hi Hi <3

Finally only 10 days till Tokyo <3. I wait since about 7 years to fly to Tokyo XD but I was too young or had no money or like last time: I had to cancel it because of the earthquake in Tokyo and the following catastrophe in Fukushima TT_TT. It was too dangerous to fly because no one knows what happen to the Nuclear power station in Fukushima. So I canceled Tokyo and went to Hong Kong.

AND NOW I GO TO TOKYOOOO *0* omg I really can’t believe <3 it’s like a dream come true XD
I fly at 25. December. We go with Turkish airline. They where most cheap XD we pay around 1000 SFR per person for fly to Tokyo and back. Flight is about 16 hour total but we have 2 hour in Istanbul for change the airplane so we fly 14 hours TT_TT

I go to Tokyo with a friend. He`s halve Japanese and he can meet this uncle in Tokyo ^^ Im really happy he can speak Japanese because I’m not that good XD I can talk some small stuff but I think I will forget everything because I’m nervous for doing fails if someone try to talk with me on Japanese XD

For saving money we go to a hostel. It’s really more cheaper than a hotel and it’s in Asakusa and from Asakusa I have a direct line to Shibuya *0*.
I hope I can do at first hair extensions >.<   the first full day(27.12) we go to shibuya and Harajuku <3, second day (28.12)  Ginza and Akiba then (29.12) Disney Land (30.12) don’t know XD a free day we can choose short what to do, (31.12) shibuya and New year party in shibuya (hope in the club Atom), (1.1) see some stuff near Asakusa, (2.1) FUKUBUKURO in Shibuya *0* most important part from Tokyo travel XD, (3.1) meet his uncle, (4.1) visit  some parts in Tokyo we forgot XD like Shinjuku or Roppongi  and stuff like this. (5.1) go back to Swiss TT__TT. This is a very no-detail plan what to do XD maybe it change a bit.

Now my most important day in Tokyo <3 FUKUBUKURO 2013 <3
I had meet at Facebook a nice girl called Steffi <3 She is from luxembourg and is at this time in Tokyo too and we decided to go to Fukubukuro together<3 I really can`t wait to meet her. She seems to be a very nice person and we write almost every day because of new Fkubukuro news XD

I want a Glad News and Glavil by tutuHA bag and for Saskia I need a Liz Lisa bag and after 109 I want to go to Ghost of Harlem shop for a bag. I hope I’m not too late after 109 and they are sold out >.<

Price: 10,500¥
Worth: 50,000¥
Inside: Devil blouson, cross bon shorts, 
limited colour cross necklace, logo cushion +/-2 to 4 items

Price: 10,000¥ or 500¥
Worth: 10,500¥ or 5250¥
Inside:  8 Items or 4 items
Price: 10,500 ¥
Worth: 50,000¥ i think
Inside:  7 Items

What is Fukubukuro?

Fukubukuro (福袋 lucky bag, mystery bag?) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop at that store during the new year. The term is formed from Japanese fuku (福, good fortune/luck) and fukuro (袋, bag). The change of fukuro to bukuro is the phenomenon known as rendaku. The fuku comes from the Japanese saying that "there is fortune in leftovers" (残り物には福がある). Popular stores' fukubukuro usually are snapped up quickly by eager customers, with some stores having long lines snake around city blocks hours before the store opens on New Year's Day. Fukubukuro are an easy way for stores to unload excess and unwanted merchandise from the previous year, due to a Japanese superstition that one must not start the New Year with unwanted trash from the previous year and start clean. Nowadays, some fukubukuro are pushed as a lavish New Year's event, where the contents are revealed beforehand, but this practice is criticized as just a renaming of selling things as sets.
source: Wikipedia

For more information to Fukubukuro 2013 you can read at Steffi’s --> Blog <-- too <3

Sayonaraaaaaaaa <3

12. Dezember 2012

heavy picture post 27.10 to 10.12

Hi Hi <3

It’s been a long time u.u
I have a lot thing to tell you but I’ll take it short XD
I have 41 Pictures XD So it’s going to be a picture post with short description.

27.10 to 28.10.2012
Jasmin stay over night at my place and we watched the whole night music videos XD and had a lot of fun and I made her make up at the next morning *0*

At 27. I went to Konstanz (germany) for doing nails and meet Nicky <3

First Snow <3

I bought a pokemon game for boring days XD

Halloween is one of my favorite days in the year. I really hate horror movies but I love doing horror make up XD At the entry from the house I live we made for the neighborhood a small Halloween party.

self-made Cupcakes <3

Saskia and me <3

Candy for the kids


misty morning/day TT_TT

we have sailor moon on tv again *0* i was so happy when I saw this *0*

I went with Laura to Zurich and later to Regensdorf because we have there a new "Purikura" *0* This one is much better than the one in örlikon.

包子 *0*

don't ask why i made such a face >.<

Laura can speak and write chinese and korean and now she is learning japanese >.< i hate her for this XD

my favourite picture
Of course I went with Chibi too

my favourite picture with her XD

I had a small class reunion with my old art school. It was really fun and I was soooo happy to meet some people again *0*
unfortunately I dont have a picture with everyone who was at the class reunion.

yes I know saskia from the art school

Finally Fondue time *0* I love fondue a lot <3

First try for self made Kimchi XD I really love it but the one I made is definitely too spicy for me TT_TT

28.11.2012 /30.11.2012
My brother and Celi had birthday at 28.11. At 30.11 (friday) they celebrate it. Because my brother is 11 he invited a lot of his school friends and I fled to Zurich because I don’t like too many people at home >.<
At the evening I went with Celi and some of her friends in a vegetarian restaurant called Hiltl. It’s very famous. The food was very delicious and the evening was very nice <3

Zurich at night

me without makeup before sleep XD

I found the perfect living room and I need a new computer keyboard.

Later I went with Saskia to the cinema for breaking dawn part 2. I really don’t like Robert u.u I really don’t know why a lot girl think he’s hot o.O I call him pan face because I think his face look like someone hit him with a pan in his face u.u

Like Marie Antoinette`s living room *0* I want <3

Well... I need a new one u.u

I tried to copy the hairstyle from CL (2ne1)  lonely music video

Yay finally my from Millionaires handmade hair bow arrived *0*. The bow is freaking huge o.O but I love it <3

If anyone don't know what Millionaires is:
Millionaires is a group consisting of two sisters, Melissa Marie and Allison Green. The group, formed in August 2007, is widely known for mixing heavily explicit lyrics with a heavy electropop backing. Millionaires started in late Summer 2007 "as an accident" when sisters Melissa and Allison Green used GarageBand. The song was titled "I Like Money" and the teens created a corresponding Myspace profile, Millionaires. Third member, Dani Artaud, (also known as Dani Gore) joined the band after Melissa Marie invited her. Later, they created their second song, entitled "Hoe Down". Later, Dani Artaud left the pop group.
Melissa and Dani was my favourite scene queens back then.

9.12 and 10.12.2012
At 9.12 I went with Christie and the k pop group to comic börse because I searched the helter skelter Manga but they did not have it TT_TT there were a lot of old comics that have too much 0000 for me XD and a lot of star wars stuff <3 later we went all to eat.

darth vader Anie XDD

calzone <3

At 10.12 it was the last day of the bubble tea store Sabotai in Zurich. Kinda sad. Christie and I went for the last bubble tea to the store and went a bit shopping in Zurich.
The Swarovski lotus was soooo beautiful *0* I just had to make a picture of it

The next entry will be about me going soon to Tokyo and I tell you what I want to doing (like go to fukubukuro) and I’m sorry for this huge picture post XD

Sayonaraaaaaa until soon <3