23. Dezember 2012


Hi Hi <3

Did you survive the “world end” well? I’m still alive <3
Anyway I never believed in it u.u because the world can`t goes down till I was in Tokyo and Seoul and other countries and find the perfect man so it will never goes down XD

Yesterday I went with Nicole to Konstanz for doing nails and shopping. I bought only some mini cosmetic stuff for Tokyo travel and leggings. Nicole bought some really nice shoes *0* they are really hot but I can never wear this kind of shoes because I’m already tall (175) XD Nicole is taller than me but she have really more self-confidence for wearing this kind of shoes

My New Nails <3

In one day and around 12 hours I finally flying to Tokyo <3 I really can’t wait <3

Since the day before yesterday I started to pack my suitcase but I’m still not finished XD it’s really hard not to pack too much stuff XD and it’s really chaotic and I really have to buy some stuff tomorrow in Zurich. I still need an adapter for Japan >.<

Today my friend Erik came to me because we wanted to do the check-in but I forgot that we can check in only 24 hours before we flying XD he cooked オムライス/ omurice and it was really yummy <3

This is my last entry till Tokyo but I take my laptop to Tokyo for writing posts about Tokyo in Tokyo XD

I wish everyone MERRY CHRISMAS and sayonaraaa till I’m in Tokyo *0*

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