22. Januar 2012

Nice Weekend

Hi Hi <3

I had a really nice weekend <3 me and my friend Elena meet us saturday at 12.00 in Zurich. First thing: shopping <3 I buy a cute skull shirt from H&H you can see it in the picture later. After we went to the Asia shop and I buy my lovely Melonpan and Anpan and Ramune and Lemon Tea <3 Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so we decided to go to Regensdorf near I live and went to the Hairdresser. Elena bleached her hair and I cut just a little because my hair was dead u.u in the shopping centre was the Asia theme and everything was decorated with Asia stuff *_* really gorgeous. Later we are going to my home and made Onigiri <3 I love them <3 we watched the whole evening j-rock music videos XD it was funny XD I think I don’t write about this time because everyone think we are crazy/stupid and childish after reading XDD However u.u Next morning we did our makeup and made a little shooting XD after the shooting again j-rock music videos XD
I want to show you now the picture ^^

Me and Elena <3

This is my Fav. picture <3

This is the skull shirt from H&M <3
My Fav. picture of her. Elena is sooooo gorgeous <3 AND she is single ^^V hihihihi
  Well. These are some picture we made. More you can find on my Facebook.

Sayonara until the next time <3

20. Januar 2012

My tattoo post

Hi Hi <3
I remember that I was asked if I can make a post about my tattoos I have ^^ I think I show you the picture and write just something little about it u.u I am lazy today to write something XD

My first tattoo part 1 XD

My first tattoo finished. But because the tattoo artist was not very good it looked like shit and I hated my tattoo u.u 3 years later I cover it ( picture come later) I have drawn the template self.

This was my 2 tattoo. I made it in Palavas Les Flots how you can see XD it was like a remembering of Palavas because it was like my 2 home in the summer. Since I was a child I was every summer there. Actually it was something like a goodbye memory for me because we decided from this time to go somewhere else in the summer T_T
But I miss palavas so much that I am going this summer again *_________* 2 year without palavas was too much u.u
And why Lotus? Because i LOVE lotus and sakura but sakura flower comes later ^^ i want them to made in Tokyo
Its a song from HIM <3 Funeral of hearts

I made this tattoo because I am totally in love with this song and in this time I was totally agree with this lyrics because it was the truth u.u
About my 4 tattoo I made a post ^^ actually I wanted this tattoo first it’s the tattoo I always most want and now I got it *_* hihihihi it’s the logo of Avenged Sevenfold <3

This is one of the songs from Avenged Sevenfold <3

And now my new old tattoo i love it <3 its much better than before

tatatattaaaaaam <3 love it <3

I started with 18 and yes I want more tattoos <3

Well I hope you like my lazy post XD 
Sayonaraaaaaaa <3

Some more tattoo picture of me u.u:

17. Januar 2012

First driving lesson

Hi Hi <3
^^ Today I had my first driving lesson and I am still alive XD I wonder why I don’t made my driving test earlier because it was fun *_* I mean I did 3 years nothing T_T why I don’t take driving lesion with 18 T_T this Thursday I have the next lesion <3 I wish I have my ticket now *_* and a car *_* I want the Bumblebee car *__________*
But I don’t really like yellow so i want it in B/W <3 or maybe in black/Pink <3<3<3

But it is toooooo expensive T_T Anie come back to the reality u.u

Well I going to look hana yori dango again ^^ I LOVE this <3 its sooo cute and dramatic and when I see this jdrama I always like “yeeeeeeeees kawaii “and then “oh nooooooo whyyy” and “aaaah baka I now you love her why do you hurt het o.O” and “yeeeee kiss her kiss her kiss her *_*” and “noooo whyyyy” T_T hahahah it made a roller coaster of my feelings XD and Jun is sooooo cute *_*  gome i had to say it u.u

Sayonaraaa <3

14. Januar 2012

Swiss german post (sorry for all not german speaking people u.u)

 Hi Hi <3
aaaaaaaaah verdammt u.u echt jetzt i wür ja mega gern blog schribe aaaber das ewige uf englisch schribe kakt mi echt a und jetzt isch es soagr so wit cho das i über 2 mönet nix gschribe ha wtf o.O immer das uf dütsch schribe denn uf englisch übersetze und denn no luege das i ke rechtschribfehler ha pffff katastrophe u.u das isch sowas vo ziitufwendig u.u oke jaa i weiss wenn me ke ziit het für n blog denn sött me au ned eine mache u.u so und jetzt gits n neustart XD ned ma es neus jahr hani allne gschribe T_T i bi so e schlechti bloggerin u.u aber es isch au würkli immer so dass wenn i was spannends ha zum schribe denn  isch es alles a eim tag und wenn i wider ma was sött schribe denn hani nix spannends u.u i schribe immer so fill quatsch im facebook nd mier isch egal obs wer interessiert nd da im blog denki immer omg das interessiert doch niemert u.u
so jetzt isch mini erklerig für so langi abweseheit abgeh und min fruscht weg hahahahaha gomenasai u.u see you next time with an english post ^^V