22. Januar 2012

Nice Weekend

Hi Hi <3

I had a really nice weekend <3 me and my friend Elena meet us saturday at 12.00 in Zurich. First thing: shopping <3 I buy a cute skull shirt from H&H you can see it in the picture later. After we went to the Asia shop and I buy my lovely Melonpan and Anpan and Ramune and Lemon Tea <3 Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so we decided to go to Regensdorf near I live and went to the Hairdresser. Elena bleached her hair and I cut just a little because my hair was dead u.u in the shopping centre was the Asia theme and everything was decorated with Asia stuff *_* really gorgeous. Later we are going to my home and made Onigiri <3 I love them <3 we watched the whole evening j-rock music videos XD it was funny XD I think I don’t write about this time because everyone think we are crazy/stupid and childish after reading XDD However u.u Next morning we did our makeup and made a little shooting XD after the shooting again j-rock music videos XD
I want to show you now the picture ^^

Me and Elena <3

This is my Fav. picture <3

This is the skull shirt from H&M <3
My Fav. picture of her. Elena is sooooo gorgeous <3 AND she is single ^^V hihihihi
  Well. These are some picture we made. More you can find on my Facebook.

Sayonara until the next time <3

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  1. Das 2. Bild was du auch schon im Forum gepostet hast ist wirklich schön :3