17. Januar 2012

First driving lesson

Hi Hi <3
^^ Today I had my first driving lesson and I am still alive XD I wonder why I don’t made my driving test earlier because it was fun *_* I mean I did 3 years nothing T_T why I don’t take driving lesion with 18 T_T this Thursday I have the next lesion <3 I wish I have my ticket now *_* and a car *_* I want the Bumblebee car *__________*
But I don’t really like yellow so i want it in B/W <3 or maybe in black/Pink <3<3<3

But it is toooooo expensive T_T Anie come back to the reality u.u

Well I going to look hana yori dango again ^^ I LOVE this <3 its sooo cute and dramatic and when I see this jdrama I always like “yeeeeeeeees kawaii “and then “oh nooooooo whyyy” and “aaaah baka I now you love her why do you hurt het o.O” and “yeeeee kiss her kiss her kiss her *_*” and “noooo whyyyy” T_T hahahah it made a roller coaster of my feelings XD and Jun is sooooo cute *_*  gome i had to say it u.u

Sayonaraaa <3

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