20. Januar 2012

My tattoo post

Hi Hi <3
I remember that I was asked if I can make a post about my tattoos I have ^^ I think I show you the picture and write just something little about it u.u I am lazy today to write something XD

My first tattoo part 1 XD

My first tattoo finished. But because the tattoo artist was not very good it looked like shit and I hated my tattoo u.u 3 years later I cover it ( picture come later) I have drawn the template self.

This was my 2 tattoo. I made it in Palavas Les Flots how you can see XD it was like a remembering of Palavas because it was like my 2 home in the summer. Since I was a child I was every summer there. Actually it was something like a goodbye memory for me because we decided from this time to go somewhere else in the summer T_T
But I miss palavas so much that I am going this summer again *_________* 2 year without palavas was too much u.u
And why Lotus? Because i LOVE lotus and sakura but sakura flower comes later ^^ i want them to made in Tokyo
Its a song from HIM <3 Funeral of hearts

I made this tattoo because I am totally in love with this song and in this time I was totally agree with this lyrics because it was the truth u.u
About my 4 tattoo I made a post ^^ actually I wanted this tattoo first it’s the tattoo I always most want and now I got it *_* hihihihi it’s the logo of Avenged Sevenfold <3

This is one of the songs from Avenged Sevenfold <3

And now my new old tattoo i love it <3 its much better than before

tatatattaaaaaam <3 love it <3

I started with 18 and yes I want more tattoos <3

Well I hope you like my lazy post XD 
Sayonaraaaaaaa <3

Some more tattoo picture of me u.u:


  1. deine tattoos sind fucking hot ;___; WOW!!! hast du schonmal für ne tattoo zeitschrift gemodelt ?:)

    1. Ich bin einmal angefragt worden aber hab abgesagt ich idiot u.u