19. Februar 2012

first swiss gyaru meeting

Hi Hi <3

Yesterday was the first Swiss Gyaru meeting. We was going to eat sushi.

First I have to say some of the girls don’t had time to dress up because they had to work and one isn’t Gyaru she is a friend and when we meet her, she asked to come with us. So I hope I don’t see something next week in G_S -.-

Ok back to the Post. After almost 3 hour dress up I went to Zurich and meet Chibi (I call her like that because she is soooooooo small). We went to örlikon to make some “purikura”.

Me after 2 hour make up and hair done XD

After make Purikura in örlikon we went to Zurich again to go shopping <3 I buy some Mangas <3 and Melonpan. Later we went to the Zürichsee. It’s the lake in Zurich. A lot of people where there because it was sunshine and a little spring feeling <3

It was still cold u.u so i had to wear somethng warm ^^ my girugamesh hoodie <3


At 5 PM we meet the others in the Hauptbahnhof Zürich (main station Zurich). We went to the sushi restaurant and on the way we meet Chibis friend Machell. She asked us to come with us to eat sushi.

Now comes a lot of picture from our meeting ^^

Hachiko (saskia)

She hate it but we love it <3

yes yes Chibi its hard to eat sushi XD


She hate it that I made always picture of her XD

Martina, Elena, Me
Hachiko, Chibi, Machell

Elena                                        Me

Chibi                                         Machell
Yummi desserts <3
Me u.u                               Martina

It was a really funny evening <3 Thank you all <3 I hope we can do that again soon ^^

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V

18. Februar 2012

New Wig And New Blog Design

Hi Hi <3

This is a short post again (it is 23.30 late u.u) >.< I have to wake up early tomorrow because I have a Swiss Gyaru meetig^^ First it is shopping time and later sushi but I tell you about this in another post later^^

Well. My wig is arrived at 15.2 <3 I was really happy ^.^ I love to change just for fun^^ 

I didn't make a picture now with the wig u.u I have just a webcam picture u.u but I show you this ^^ what do you think? Does it fits to me? ^.^

How you can see I changed the whole Blog design^^
I changed it from this

To this

I really like the new design^^ which one do you like more? The new or the old?

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V
ps: I am really sorry for the freaking bad english in this post but I am really tired u.u

12. Februar 2012

Concert Post ^^

Hi Hi <3

Yesterday I went to the Asking Alexandria concert. It was great ^^
I show you just some picture and a video from these bands. It’s just a little post.
I am very sorry for the bad quality of the picture but my mobile phone cam is really shitty -.-

First Band was Chelsea Grin
I didn't know them but they were really nice *_* my neck still hurts because of head banging XD And I loved the breakdowns <3



2nd Band was Bless The Fall.
I know them since a long time. Craig Mabbitt was in the band but now he is changed to Escape The Fate . Since 2008 its Beau Bokan.



Last band was Asking Alexandria
I know them since a long time too and I still LOVE them <3
Since 2008 the new lead vocalist is Danny Worsnop. Before it was Ben Bruce (now lead guitar and background vocal)



It was a great night <3

And now the last picture^^ an "we all look dead after the concert" picture XD 

Leandra, Me, Nina

 PS : They are both single ^^ XD

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V

10. Februar 2012

Busy because I watched a lot of dramas XD

Hi Hi <3
Like my post title say I was too busy to write a post because I watched a lot of J and K-Dramas. I love them so much <3 I watched since 22. January You’re Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Heartstrings and now My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. They are all K-Dramas. I really can say I AM DRAMA ADDICTED hahaha. Because I can’t work now (it is too cold outside for my profession) I have a lot of time XD

Well I show you now what happen since 22 January^^V

At the 28 January Me and my friend Nicole went to Konstanz in Germany to make our nails <3  I choose something colorful with a lot of black XD

Up : Nickys nail  down : mine
They are not the best but ok >.<

After the nails was shopping time *_* and we decided to eat a ice-cream <3

This was Nicky`s  "Pizza Ice Cream"

And this was my Ichigo Ice Cream <3 i LOVE strawberry <3

After the ice cream we went to the cinema and watched “ Ziemlich Beste Freunde” it was a sad French movie with François Cluzet. Later we eaten dinner in an all you can eat china restaurant. I really eaten too much u.u

Anyway... This is Nicole ^^ and she is single too ^^ OMG my Blog is going to a "couple my friends" Blog XD

2 February - 4 February

It was fucking cold outside u.u since 20 years it was never cold like this day in Switzerland u.u almost -20°C.
I was in a train. im sorry for the dirty window XD
It was too cold u.u and i looked like a Ninja XD  (almost no make-up picture u.u)
On the 4 February was carnival in Oberglatt me and my mom went as a nun XD
I Have no picture with her because she doesn't wants to be on the picture u.u
My face was like *_° XD looked not good hahah

7 February was the best day in this year since now XD My Girugamesh <3 hoodie was arrived *_____________* omg I was totally happy *_____* *_____* I LOVE girugamesh <3 ayayayayay XD
And at McDonald  was in the Happy Meal Pikachu and I had to have this! omg its too kawaii <3
My new love <3<3<3<3<3<3
PIKACHU <3 in the Happy Meal ^^
And Yesterday I went to örlikon in Zurich to make something like a purikura XD it called PriCla but it is more American Inspired than Japanese but I am happy that we have something like that in Zurich XD I had not a lot time to make the decorations and it choose the almost same looked picture T_T I decorated 4 picture XD next time it gonna be better ^^

Finally finished XD

PS: Tomorrow I go to the Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall and Chelsea Grin concert <3