18. Februar 2012

New Wig And New Blog Design

Hi Hi <3

This is a short post again (it is 23.30 late u.u) >.< I have to wake up early tomorrow because I have a Swiss Gyaru meetig^^ First it is shopping time and later sushi but I tell you about this in another post later^^

Well. My wig is arrived at 15.2 <3 I was really happy ^.^ I love to change just for fun^^ 

I didn't make a picture now with the wig u.u I have just a webcam picture u.u but I show you this ^^ what do you think? Does it fits to me? ^.^

How you can see I changed the whole Blog design^^
I changed it from this

To this

I really like the new design^^ which one do you like more? The new or the old?

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V
ps: I am really sorry for the freaking bad english in this post but I am really tired u.u


  1. I love to change for fun too.
    The wig looks good.

    I like both of the designs. The old one looks sweet & simple while the new one looks artsy.