19. Februar 2012

first swiss gyaru meeting

Hi Hi <3

Yesterday was the first Swiss Gyaru meeting. We was going to eat sushi.

First I have to say some of the girls don’t had time to dress up because they had to work and one isn’t Gyaru she is a friend and when we meet her, she asked to come with us. So I hope I don’t see something next week in G_S -.-

Ok back to the Post. After almost 3 hour dress up I went to Zurich and meet Chibi (I call her like that because she is soooooooo small). We went to örlikon to make some “purikura”.

Me after 2 hour make up and hair done XD

After make Purikura in örlikon we went to Zurich again to go shopping <3 I buy some Mangas <3 and Melonpan. Later we went to the Zürichsee. It’s the lake in Zurich. A lot of people where there because it was sunshine and a little spring feeling <3

It was still cold u.u so i had to wear somethng warm ^^ my girugamesh hoodie <3


At 5 PM we meet the others in the Hauptbahnhof Zürich (main station Zurich). We went to the sushi restaurant and on the way we meet Chibis friend Machell. She asked us to come with us to eat sushi.

Now comes a lot of picture from our meeting ^^

Hachiko (saskia)

She hate it but we love it <3

yes yes Chibi its hard to eat sushi XD


She hate it that I made always picture of her XD

Martina, Elena, Me
Hachiko, Chibi, Machell

Elena                                        Me

Chibi                                         Machell
Yummi desserts <3
Me u.u                               Martina

It was a really funny evening <3 Thank you all <3 I hope we can do that again soon ^^

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. it was sooooooooo wonderfull <3

  2. awww I loveee your hair!! it looks super good! wish I could do something like that to mine *m*! <3 Looks like all of you had a really good time and the desserts look so yummy! <3

    1. thanks *_* this was the first time I made my hair like this and I was always scary it look messy XD Yea it was a great time^^ the green one was matcha tiramisu and the other chocolate mousse

  3. Looks you had a good time:) Can you please tell me where in Oerlikon you can make purika? Would be nice.

    1. ^^ Sure. You can find it in the Neumarkt Oerlikon. It’s near the main station örlikon. You have to go in the shoppingcenter and then down. http://www.neumarkt-oerlikon.ch/home/aktuell.php

  4. Oh, I went to Zurich 4-5 times ^.^
    I'm a Swiss Gal too, but from Lausanne -_^

    Loves. <3

    1. nice^^ ive got a groupe on FB called swiss gyaru. if you want you can join. we make meetings and other stuff ^^

  5. Oh yeah, I'll see your group ^^
    I'm in a circle in Geneva : Kitties-Squad. I don't know if you know them ? ^^

  6. OMG! Purikura Automaten in Zürich????? Wusste ich gar nicht!!!! Da muss ich hiiiin!!! :D Hübsch siehst du aus x3

    1. Er ist eher amerikanisch inspiriert und es mögen maximum 3 leute wenn man quetscht da rein hahaha nd leider hat es nicht so viel auswahl wie bei nem purikura automaten. Du findest ihn in örlikon im neumarkt zentrum
      dankee <3

  7. Deine Haare sind einfach toll *___________*