11. März 2012

New post. yesstyle, new mobilephone and BIG BANG

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi <3

Sorry for such a long time no updating u.u   I was really sick one day and I have to work again *_* need money XD and on the weekend I had to work too so I had no time for posting because I was always tired and at free times I watched j and k dramas XD and reading mangas >.<  well I have a lot of new stuff happened and I will tell you about it <3 But I’ve got a huuuuge problem u.u I can show you just picture from the internet from some stuff because I lost my memory card of my camera u.u I need a new one and maybe I will find the old one >.<

First I want to show you a song from a singer I love since a long time <3 earlier porcelain and the tramps and now porcelain black. She is such a beauty and her voice kills <3 I LOVE this song I always play this song in my iPod XD you can hear it while you reading if you want

My clothes from yesstyle.com arrived finally. I wanted to wear it at the Swiss Gyaru meeting but I had a problem with the duty because of customs clearance. So I’ve got it much later -.-
I ordered these Clothes :



Last month when it snows extremely much I drop unfortunately my mobile phone in the snow and now it don’t work T_T I loved my phone >.< now I’ve got a new one (the cheapest I found) and in September 2012 I can have a new phone because I have to make a new contract <3<3<3. For the new phone I buy a new case on eBay its very bling bling and kawaii <3
My last phone was the Nokia N97 mini in white <3 it was perfect because it was touch and had a keyboard
This was the case i made for my N97
This is my new phone. Samsung Galaxy mini in white. I have to say its not that bad like i was thinking but i really miss the keyboard u.u
And this is the new case i buy <3

LOVE it <3

 At the 29.2 Big Bang bring out a new mini album. BIGBANG - 5TH MINI ALBUM "ALIVE"
 <3 its great <3 I love it <3 and they have now 3 music videos out of this album omg omg omg *_* they got a completely new style. Their look is now more Crazy then normal and I Love It. I really hope they will come for a concert to Switzerland >.< I will kill for a concert ticket XD
I show you now the new music videos from the new Big Bang mini album <3

I can`t wait for another new music video <3

 sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V

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