25. März 2012

Europapark and Shoes *0*

Hi Hi <3
Yesterday was I and my friend Hachiko (Saskia) and my mom and brother at the Europapark in Germany. My mom won tickets so we had a cheap great day <3 (I can’t spend too much money because I want to travel XD). We went with a Carbus with a lot other People.  It was really warm that day <3 I took a lot of picture but I can’t show you all XD there are too much >.<

I also buy 2 new shoes <3 I am so shoe addicted u.u

I think I start with Europapark. It’s the best I show you the picture and write just something little about it because there are still a lot of picture u.u I don’t want a 100 side Post XD
At the Europapark is every part an other country from Europe
The silver thing is very famous and is near French. Inside is a roller coaster

I think I dont have to say where it is ^^
This roller coaster is my favourite. its is Russia
This one is Bluefire. I never was one it because it looks dangerous u.u
This white roller coaster is in Switzerland *0* its like a Bob

First we was there its our must go. I love this roller coaster <3 its soooo kawaii <3 and reminds me of alice in wonderland tea party XD

After some roller coaster we decided to go eating. We went to an Pirate look alike restaurant with Asian food <3

yummi <3
I really liked the design there
Later we went to Spain. My mom and brother ^^ she will kill me if she see that I uploaded a picture >.<
After Spain we went to Scandinavia <3 its one of my fav. parts of Europapark ^^
In Scandinavia is a water roller coaster. My friend Hachiko had the most unlucky place and was after the water roller coaster totally wet XD I had the 2nd worst place because a big wave hit me and my whole back was wet T_T my lucky brother had nothing >.<

Unlucky Hachiko XD

In Scandinavia we eat also some Candy Floss

I love it <3
In a train we drove through the whole Europapark back to the entrance
This is one of the train stations

Me and Hachiko in the Europapark waiting for the others

In the Carbus it was really booring u.u we made a lot of stupidface picture XD

And of course we buy some Candy floss for on the way <3
Hachiko said I have to upload this picture u.u Its just me eating >.< Aaah and my table is very messy >.< just ignore it XD Its not always like this XDDD

Now my new shoes <3 I really love high platform wedge shoes  *O* my only Problem is I am really tall u.u I am 175 cm u.u BUT I don’t care u.u sometimes the people look shocked or strange when I am almost 190cm but I want to wear these shoes >.<

Diva Donna      49.95SFR

Tailly Weijl       39.95 SFR

 sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. Aaah~ Europapark in Rust! Das ist ganz in meiner Nähe~
    Wenn man so auf deine Wand sieht, sieht man: Ruki Ruki Ruki.. Miyavi XDD

    1. Echt haha warst bestimmt schon 100 mal mehr dort als ich XD War mein 5tes mal jetzt XD
      Och das is nur n kleiner Auschnitt meiner "Asiaten" Wand XD insgesammt sind es 4x Rucki, 3x Miyavi, 3x satoshi, 1x wataru, 3x shou, 5x jang geun suk, 3x Yonghwa hahahahah

  2. tolle bilder *_*
    und deine neuen schuhe hrhrhr besonders die leoparden heels aber schuh addict könnte auch auf mich zutreffen haha

    1. danke ^^
      hahaha jaa die schuhe sind auch sau bequen <3