30. März 2012

Just a little update

Hi hi <3

Today I make just a little post. I want to show you what I bought the last days <3. I buy 2 new necklace and cherry blossom for the winter garden ^^ I don’t know if you know the music video of Koda Kumi `s song you are so beautiful. This music video with the flower inspired me to decorate the winter garden with a lot of flowers. Unfortunately it’s now a little empty. I still have to buy a lot of flower.

Its just the short version T_T

When I was walking around in the city I saw these cherry blossoms and I totally had to buy it <3

I buy a tall glass vase and take the cherry blossoms into it.


Next stuff I want to show you are my new necklace I buy at Claires. At the moment I buy sooo much stuff with cross and I don’t know why u.u it’s like a cross addicted  phase >.< XD Even my nails have a cross XD but tomorrow I want some nails with Sakura I post about it at Sunday.

Sorry for the bad quality u.u

And now a picture of my room where I take all my necklace I always buy >.< I have too much u.u a lot I don't have on the wall.

Ah and how you can see I have now a Story of Anie stamp for my pictures ^^ I finally realized how I can make a stamp XD hope you like it^^

 sayonaraaaaa until Sunday ^^V

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