17. März 2012

Zurich, Ironfist and my new darling: instax mini cam

Hi Hi <3

Today I was meeting my friend Martina but I call her Misaki ^^ We went to Zurich City for shopping, hang around and Purikura but unfortunately the Purikura do not work u.u so we going sad back to Zurich and visited some Asian food stores. In an Japan food shop we found some cute ice. Mine was watermelon and Misaki`s was honey melon. It was really warm today. It was like in Spring <3 it was 11 / 16°C  <3<3<3
Melon Ice <3<3<3<3
How you can see I’ve found my memory card from my cam <3

After the Asia shop tour we went to the lake in Zurich. We found a Ferris wheel and of course we had to go XD we was like little child u.u I didn’t know that a Ferris wheel is there *_* it’s definitely not normal in Zurich. I made a lot of picture from Zurich (it’s my hometown but I was like a tourist u.u). I show you now Zurich from the lake side and some picture of me and Misa. (Again picture Spam u.u)
The Ferris wheel <3
Martina aka Misaki <3  she is sooo cute <3<3

Me ^^ stupid face picture u.u sorry >,<


Lake f Zurich

This side called Niederdörfli

Zurich lake
Kawaii Misaki <3
Me >.<
We had a really nice day and laugh too much u.u and eaten too much u.u we eat through the whole day u.u

Yesterday my Iron Fist shoes arrived <3<3<3<3 I was soo happy <3 I love them. They look amazing <3

They called Iron Fist Shotgun Platform. I have a lot of Iron Fist shoes. I love their designs.

I also got finally my lovely instax mini cam <3 I saw it on a k-drama your beautiful and I searched for it because I love this sort of picture but in Switzerland you can’t buy it T_T. I searched a lot and I (surprise) found it in a photo store in Switzerland <3<3<3 unfortunately they got it just in white. The instax mini cam is pretty tall but not heavy.

I LOVE to paint stuff on the picture like Purikura *O*

The instax mini cam in the k drama your beautiful ^^
Now sorry u.u but OMG *_______* jang geun suk <3<3<3 (dream guy) *____*  and
jung yong hwa <3 they are such some hotties<3 just perfect <3 ok u.u jung yong hwa`s face is stupid on this picture  XD

 sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V 

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  1. Halloo ^-^ Süße Bilder! Das Meloneneis ist ja mal toll ♪ ich will auch!
    Und die Schuhe sehen hammer aus...!

    1. hi^^
      danke ^^ oh ja das Eis war genial <3 war wie echte melone nur tiefgefrohren *O*
      hihihi iron fist schuhe sind die bessten <3
      greez Anie