1. April 2012

Konstanz and Salon Du Chocolat

Hi Hi <3
Last day I went again with my friend Nicole to Konstanz. Like every time we made our Nails and of course shopping XD. I don’t buy that much but a NEW BAG <3 Today I went with my family to the Salon du Chocolat in Zurich. It was like a chocolate paradise *_* I made a lot of picture of these amazing chocolate art and just chocolate XD

I buy at fashion friends a reeeeeeeally cute butterfly overall. I really wanted to wear it in Konstanz because it was really warm.  
Something was wrong with the shadow -.- I had to light up the picture that much and now the quality of the picture is really bad u.u sorry -.-

Isn't it cute? *_______*

The new bag I buy in Konstanz is from ZARA. I fell in love when I saw it there <3 it’s very classic and with the spikes a bit rock n roll style. The best is this bag fits almost every outfit
ZARA                        49.95 EURO  
Again a stupid shadow and too much light up picture u.u sorry >.<
I REALLY love black nails. I almost every time have black nails. This time a have black nails with a Sakura and a pink nail with glitter XD I need to have short nails because of work u.u My friend Nicole got her favorite corset nails.

And now a pictue of Nicole I made and like^^


I really uploade too much picture everytime u.u sorry >.<

And now about Salon Du Chocolat <3<3<3<3

I really love chocolate <3 most Cailler and Lindt and Sprüngli chocolate<3 

Today there were sooooo many people u.u I really had to fight that I had a chance to take pictures >.< today I was really happy that I am tall XD
I can’t show you all the picture I made because there are sooo many u.u I show you just my favorites ^^ 
Sexy Chocolate XD

They are not chocolate but really cute cakes <3
Chocolate Hats XD
The left egg is really cute *__*
A chocolate dress  O__o
Too amazing for eat it >,<
The Egg was amazing *_* Everything is handmade from Sprüngli
Sprüngli Chocolatier ^^

Well I think it’s enough XD sorry for the picture spam hahaha
I hope you enjoyed it. Even if I post that many picture and don’t write that much u.u

 sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. gott das schmetterlingskleid ist so der hammer. steht dir total und die regenbogenfarben *o*