9. April 2012

Weekend in Geneva

Hi Hi <3

How was your Easter? Mine was great <3

I went with Nicole to Geneva. At Saturday we meet 3 other Gyarus : Léa, Daiana and Maryon. We hang around the whole day. Made a lot (really a lot >.<) pictures, went to Starbucks and had a great day. The time passed to fast T_T

from left to right :  Me , Maryon, Nicky, Léa, Daiana
 Some picture of us at Starbucks ^^

"Natural " Picture XD

After the Starbucks we went outside to the lake. Because it was a rainy day we went to a tourist place with a roof. Later we made picture at the place.  The people around us  were thinking like WTF o.O?. hahah it was funny XD. We laughed and screamed because of the self- timer of my cam. It was like: “Ok I push the bottom now, attention everyone, NOW “  *everyone run to their place* “and now POSE!” *pose* “AGEPOYOOO!” *Click* ” jeeeee “ *run to the camera to watch the picture* and this for a few times XD

Everyone made a cute grimace but mine was like bäääääää u.u horrible XD
Thank you Gals for the great day <3<3<3<3

My Make-Up for this day ^^ The quality of the picture is very bad because I made it with my mobilephone u.u

I  also made some picture of the hotel room and stuff like this XD. We had something like a party in the hotel room. We listened to k-pop and para para and I dance and take picture while Nicky was at her mobilephone XD

Nicky at make her makeup and me like everytime:  make pictures
They were really yummy <3 but freaking expensive u.u

The next day I made with Nicole a typical tourist day XD Geneva is really a gorgeous city because the old buildings <3. In the morning the weather was really great. It was warm with lot sunshine. Later it was rainy, windy and cold T_T

Sunny Morning <3
I really loved these colorful shutters
Nicky and Me in a tourist train XD
Bad weather u.u
And yes it was windy u.u this was the best picture and it still look not good u.u
We laughed sooooo much about this sphinx with boobs XD
 I hope you liked the post about Geneva and

sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. bahaha die Bilder :D Zu geil !! Sieht aus, als hättet ihr Spaß ^-^
    Freut mich :3

    1. haha jaaa war auch toll ^^
      musst auch mal wieder in die schweiz kommen u.u

  2. The meeting looks really fun ^ ^
    I love your pics :D

    btw,if it's ok pls visit my blog sometimes.

  3. You girls are so Fashionable and Pretty!! <3 Nice post!