8. Mai 2012

2nd Swiss Gyaru meeting and Concert

Hi Hi <3

it’s a long time ago since I write the last post u.u sorry >,< I really was too lazy to write XD
I have a LOT to tell you XD 

1.            I was at 2 concerts
2.            2. Friends had birthday
3.            The 2nd Swiss Gyaru meeting ^^

I start with the birthdays ^^ Elena and Nina had birthday. With Elena we went to Hooters (finally I had my chicken wings XD) and with Nina we watch a movie: American pie reunion. It was really funny ^^ unfortunately I don’t have pictures T_T

Then I went to 2 concerts. One was Silverstein and We Are The Ocean and more >.< and the other was Loud Fest with Simple Plan <3, Zebrahead, We The Kings and more.

Both concerts I went with Elena. After Silverstein she wept. She was sooooooo cute *_* it is her favorite band. I know Silverstein since a looooooong time XD I only knew the old songs like Smile in your sleep and My heroine XDD I really was fascinated about the vocals of We Are The Ocean <3 he have such a beautiful voice *_*
 I like the voice from the guy left <3 (with really short hair)

The Loud Fest with Simple plan was amazing. I was a big fan of simple plan when I was 14. I wanted to see them since I was 14 XD now I am 21 and finally I see them <3 I freaking loved the songs I’m just a kid and Perfect and God must hate me <3 the new songs of simple plan are good too <3 they are always good <3, Zebrahead was good too. I really like them *_* the other bands was a kind of boring u.u sorry >,<

My Make up for the Simple plan Concert ^^ (not gyaru u.u just normal )

And now the 2nd Swiss Gyaru meeting <3

I made a meeting at the bubble tea shop in Zurich (yeeeeeeah we got now a bubble tea shop too <3) A lot of people wanted to come but a lot cancel in the last second T_T. So we were just 6 people -.- But it was funny ^^ we stayed a loooooooong time in the bubble tea shop 
My Outfit and make up and hair for the Gyaru meeting ^^

Nina, Chantal, Nicole

Group Picture without laurita T_T

Chibiiiii ^^
Laurita ^^ Read her BLOG  <3  she is a cute lolita <3 and like gyaru *_*

After almost 3 hour Bubble Tea, Nina and Chantal went to the city for shopping and Nicky, Chibiiii and I went to eat Sushi <3 and later to the lake. Laurita work at the bubble tea shop and had to work longer >.<

I made a lot of picture at the lake ^^ like always XD I know it sound stupid because I am from Zurich but I LOVE Zurich <3


Pose we learned in Geneva
And of cource a "Purikura" picture <3

 sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V

Next time it will be about JAN (JapAniManga Night <3)