17. Mai 2012

12th JAN (Japan AniManga Night)

Hi Hi Guys <3

Today it’s going to be a reeeeeeally loooooong picture post ^^ I was last weekend at JAN in Winterthur.( Offical JAN website ). It’s an event with Cosplay and Concert and Manga and Anime and Games and all these stuff XD it was all about Japan <3 I want to go with a Cosplay to JAN every year but in the last minute I think oh fuck I have no Cosplay O.o what to do aaaaaaah  ok I going as me XD so I went every year and this year too without a Cosplay u.u The only thing I made different than normal this year was my hair. I never had big hair like at JAN this year. I needed 3 hour for my hair and make up T_T

My Make Up for JAN

Hair for JAN
The whole outfit for JAN

My outfit was inspired by tutuHA.

At JAN I meet Chibi and her friends. Later Martina came too
Chibi and Angela cosplayed ao no exorcist
Machell as Haruhi

Angela, Sandra (as Lucy) and Martina

Me and Melissa. I made her a Gyaru Make up ^^

Chibi <3

Martina and me

Chibi`s friend Angela won at JAN the first place at the AMV contest. I want to show you the video it’s amazing I love it <3

In the biggest room at JAN were the sellers. There was a lot of Japanese stuff and sweets and food . I buy a cute Bento box and a sleeping cat I named Martina XD and a Deathnote poster for my brother and secondhand Galism Manga and 2 EGG magazines. Actually I wanted to buy a samurai sword but the seller wasn’t there anymore when I choose I want one u.u
It’s always the same u.u I see something, think ok I buy it later. Then I want to buy it and it’s sold out or the seller is away -.-
and the food at JAN was awesome like every year <3

Martina with my Martina cat XD

Yummy Ramen <3

Kawaii Cake <3
In the seller room was a place where a photographer made picture of you. Martina and I made 2 Pictures ^^ they are pretty good <3 

Like every year came a Japanese music artist for a concert. This year it was Unicorn Table. They are famous in Japan because they made a lot of Anime Openings. The Concert was pretty good ^^


And now some pictures from JAN. I didn’t made a lot of Cosplay Pictures >.< I’m sorry u.u but if you want to see more you can see them HERE .

LOVE this picture <3

Game Battle <3

Some People we meet at waiting for the doors open XD Martina loved her shirt XD

Love her Wig <3<3<3

Some Pictures are taken from Chibi thank you that I can use these <3

Hope you liked my Post and ..

...sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. soo schööni zzit gsii <3

  2. Huhuu ^^ Du hesch sehr hübsch fötteli gmacht! Danke dassi vo euch au es Fotti a dörfe mache! Leider hett mir persönlich einiges nit so passt adr Jan -.-"

    Du und dini Kollegin sitt echt mega hübsch gsi! Minere Meinig noch diä hübschischte adere ganze Jan...! x3 hihi! <3 Ha di uf mim Blog verlinkt übrigens (^3^) Liäbs Grüessli us Basel!

    1. XD bitte bitte ^^
      uuuh was denn? (i hans wie jedes jahr übetribe z tüür gfunde u.u)

      haha jöööö danke <3 hihi i hans toll gfunde en reader z treffe^^
      oh grad ma go luege ga *_*

  3. deine haare und dein make up *o* soooo toll
    und so viele cosplayfotos

    1. danke <3
      naja hab nicht soooo viele gemacht leider u.u