10. Februar 2012

Busy because I watched a lot of dramas XD

Hi Hi <3
Like my post title say I was too busy to write a post because I watched a lot of J and K-Dramas. I love them so much <3 I watched since 22. January You’re Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Heartstrings and now My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. They are all K-Dramas. I really can say I AM DRAMA ADDICTED hahaha. Because I can’t work now (it is too cold outside for my profession) I have a lot of time XD

Well I show you now what happen since 22 January^^V

At the 28 January Me and my friend Nicole went to Konstanz in Germany to make our nails <3  I choose something colorful with a lot of black XD

Up : Nickys nail  down : mine
They are not the best but ok >.<

After the nails was shopping time *_* and we decided to eat a ice-cream <3

This was Nicky`s  "Pizza Ice Cream"

And this was my Ichigo Ice Cream <3 i LOVE strawberry <3

After the ice cream we went to the cinema and watched “ Ziemlich Beste Freunde” it was a sad French movie with François Cluzet. Later we eaten dinner in an all you can eat china restaurant. I really eaten too much u.u

Anyway... This is Nicole ^^ and she is single too ^^ OMG my Blog is going to a "couple my friends" Blog XD

2 February - 4 February

It was fucking cold outside u.u since 20 years it was never cold like this day in Switzerland u.u almost -20°C.
I was in a train. im sorry for the dirty window XD
It was too cold u.u and i looked like a Ninja XD  (almost no make-up picture u.u)
On the 4 February was carnival in Oberglatt me and my mom went as a nun XD
I Have no picture with her because she doesn't wants to be on the picture u.u
My face was like *_° XD looked not good hahah

7 February was the best day in this year since now XD My Girugamesh <3 hoodie was arrived *_____________* omg I was totally happy *_____* *_____* I LOVE girugamesh <3 ayayayayay XD
And at McDonald  was in the Happy Meal Pikachu and I had to have this! omg its too kawaii <3
My new love <3<3<3<3<3<3
PIKACHU <3 in the Happy Meal ^^
And Yesterday I went to örlikon in Zurich to make something like a purikura XD it called PriCla but it is more American Inspired than Japanese but I am happy that we have something like that in Zurich XD I had not a lot time to make the decorations and it choose the almost same looked picture T_T I decorated 4 picture XD next time it gonna be better ^^

Finally finished XD

PS: Tomorrow I go to the Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall and Chelsea Grin concert <3



  1. ohh~
    der Schal sieht mega warm und mega weich aus ^o^
    ich freu mich das du auch girugämesh hörst **


    1. is er auch *_* is endslang XD und richtig kuschelig und warm XD perfekt für diese kälte^^
      ich liebe girugamesh <3

  2. *_________* wuhahaa deine augen auf den puris sind so geil, mir fiel das auch schon auf deinen normalen fotos auf. welche linsen verwendest du denn?

    1. danke^^ ich hab barbie king size blue^^ sind meine lieblingslinsen <3