21. Oktober 2011

Just A Little Post

Hi Hi <3^^ today i make just a little post.
Today was just a boring day -.- I have to stay since 1 week at home because I almost broke my feet -.- Fortunately its not really broken just a little bit >.< But it hurts >,< I WANT TO GO TO WORK >,< its boooring -.-
Well to make the time goes faster past I made my own style day XD I needed over 2 hour XD .
I have a huge mirror in my bedroom  so I put a chair before and start XD later I made some pictures

Tomorrow comes 2 friends and we make a gossip girl evening (can’t wait *____*) it’s gonna be funny ^^  I gonna make a post at Sunday  but before I need to clean my room -.- I hate this -.-   and I hate it more with an almost broken feet >,<  well I write at Sunday again ^^ hope to see you guys


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