14. Juli 2011

Finally New Ink

Hi Hi <3
Finally I got my tattoo <3
I wanted this tattoo over a few years and now I was not scary about the hurt ( I HATE hurt -.-)
I don’t want that you scary about making tattoo but this fucking hurt like hell
No one of my 3 “old “tattoos hurts like this T_T
I want to show you guys some pictures ^^

 First she has copied the picture to a special paper and drawn/stick it on my body and this what it looks like^^

after she has tattooed the lines it looks like this ^ ^

3 hours later was the tattoo finished and I was dead
Now I am really happy that I got my lovely tattoo <3
For you guys who don’t know why this tattoo, it’s the band logo from Avenged Sevenfold <3
The tattoo was made by Petra --->  http://www.skininktattoo.ch/
xoxo Anie