8. Juli 2012

Long time ago since the last post u.u sorry u.u

Hi hi gals <3

I am really sorry for over a month no posting u.u 

I have a lot to tell you but I try to take it short XD

First: I got a new Job ^^ it’s just for summer u.u I learned painter and now I work in a coffee shop. I have to start work reeeeeeeally early u.u at 4 am because we make bread and sweet things too so it’s like a bakery and coffee shop in one. It’s really funny to work there ^^ and the best thing is I can work as Gyaru every day *_* .

Second: I made finally a Gyaru-sa in Zurich with my friends <3 We are just 4 members (Me, Martina, Chibi, Elena) and we are open for new members who fits to us ^^ I am the leader and I don’t want a catfight u.u The Gyaru-sa is called Angel Kiss ^^ every member of AK decided to this name. We had a lot of names but this one won XD Angel Kiss is a new Gyaru-sa (nago-cir) in Zurich, Switzerland. Some are new in the Gyaru community so please be nice <3

Please like our page on Facebook <3  Angel Kiss Facebook

Third: I organized a Photo shooting for the AK page and it was much fun <3 thanks to Eda Gregr. We cant wait for the pictures ^^ I show you some behind the scene pictures ^^

Forth: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in 1 week I am in Palavas les flots again <3 holydays *_*. Palavas is like my second home ^^ when I was a kid I was the whole summer holydays in Palavas. This year is the first year I go with a friend ^^ my family comes too of course ^^
When I am back from holydays I make a post with a lot of  picture XD I really can’t wait <3

Awwww and the new 2NE1 song is finally there <3 I love it *_*

Ah and I was at an Swiss K-Pop fan meeting ^^ it was really fun <3

And something more who I was really surprised <3 I tried a Ganguro make up and I became a Gyaru Valentine for it *_* thanks to the person <3

Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. Herzliche Glückwunsch zur neue Gyaru-Sa! :)

    Btw ich glaub ich muäss dich mol bi dr Arbet go bsuäche :D Schaffsch evtl. amene Samstig oder so? x3 hihi!

    1. danke ^^
      wir sind offen für neue mitglieder wenn sie zu uns passen XD

      wiso schribi schriftsprach o.O

      uhm i schaffe mentig nd mitwuch morge nd fritig namitag u.u weekend nie >,<