2. August 2012

Gyaru meet with Kitai Fi

 Hi Hi <3

And again almost 1 month no post u.u 
Actually I am since 2 weeks back from holydays but I didn’t had the time to make a post u.u
Today came Kitai from Germany to Zurich and we made a meeting with some members of Swiss Gyaru
It was really funny <3  I will make this Sunday a post about my holydays from 2 weeks ago but today I make a post about the meeting today ^^
Please don’t take the pictures too seriously XD

We (Kitai (BLOG), Lea, chibi (BLOG), elena, angela, melissa and me) meet at 3 pm in the main station Zurich.
We went to the bubble tea store Sabotai in Zurich and made a rest because our feet hurt XD (yes we are pussys XD We don’t like hurt) After we wanted to go to the lake but we decides to go first to örlikon for “purikura”. It was really funny XD everyone made pictures with others and we stayed for almost 2 hour XD

The reason for the Oppai picture was a song we didn’t bring out of our head XD I don’t know if you know the song Poi Poi. At 1.16 there`s the Oppai part XD we call it now Oppai pose XD 

After too much “purikura” we went back to Zurich main station. Unfortunately Lea had to go back home T_T but she came from Lausanne for this meeting <3 I was really happy to meet her again <3
Later we went to the Landiwise in Zurich and made some pictures because Kitai had to go soon T_T

Again an Oppai picture XD

Back in Zurich main station we found a Persil promotion and they take a picture of us <3

It was a great day <3 thank you so much ^^

Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V