15. Oktober 2012

Gyaru Day and Leather jacket

Hi Hi <3

I made a Video for the 2nd International Gyaru Day

I made this video 18 times till I had this versions XD I really don’t like myself in a video ahahaha. I wanted to post it at the day but I had no time u.u Gomenasai u.u

At Saturday my Credit Card bleeding a lot TT_T I bought a reeeeeeeally nice leather jacket <3 it was love at first sight *_* it cost about 299 Swiss franks. Now I have to save money again for Tokyo u.u but I know when I didn’t bought this I will regret it later. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY NOW even the price killed my Card TT_TT

At Sunday my mother and brother came back from Malta (yea they fly without me u.u)  well … they bought me some really nice stuff *_* I really like the sun umbrella he is soooooo cute *_* 
This is actually just a gift bag but soooo cute *_*

I LOVE Nougat <3

CD Saver <3 with HELLO KITTY

Since I was really bored alone at home I tried a new makeup ^^ what do you think?  I really like it *_* actually really more than the makeup I had at the photo shooting XD

And now Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V because I have to learn the dance from 2NE1 - I am the best for the huge K Pop meeting ^^ this dance is trying to killing me -.- tooo fast XD


  1. Ganz geili Jackeeee!!! *_* omg! Du hesches imfall ächt druf mit em Gyaru Make-up ;-) Wenn i di uf dr Stross würd gseh würdi di grad aspräche und froge ob du gyaru sigsch xD Härzigs video! Du bisch echt goldig! (^3^)/