21. Oktober 2012

K Pop Meeting

Hi Hi <3

First of all my BF Saskia had at 17.10 Birthday <3 we went to the china restaurant and had a wonderful day <3

Yesterday it was the “1-year Swiss German K-Pop Fans” meeting <3 Around 83 people came to the meeting which was in Oerlikon, Zurich. To describe the meeting: it was amazing <3. My friend Christie and I made for the meeting around 40 Onigiri XD

One day before Christie, Martina some friends from Christie and I meet each other for a Friday night drink and we went to the Zurich main station SBB lounge. No one of the group really like k pop just Christie and I XD. We talked about the upcoming meeting and decided the boys have to come with us. Somehow Christie made them to come to the meeting XD. Christie came to me for sleep at my place and we started really early for making Onigiri u.u We started at 7AM and went to the meeting at 10AM. 

David helped me to carry the Onigiri
On the way...

... to Oerlikon

Because the boys which Christie brought to the meeting, lot of girls was like wow *_*  <3 who they are <3 ahaha. 2 girls where really creepy because they always was around them (the boys where all Asians) and they were really annoying to them/us.

Christie in the middle <3

However. Most was really fun <3 





We danced (the only dance I can do is mister from Kara XD and just because of Daesung XDD) 

         (I cant show you the videos i wanted to upload because it dont work -.-)

Then we had a lot of food and colorfully cakes <3 

Some of my Onigiri <3

Food fighting u.u everyone wanted them u.u

Yummy <3

Kazumis unicorn cake <3

Rainbow cake

and I meet a lot of friends again <3 

Valerie Bolliger

Laura Acosta

Denise Sung Hyun and Valerie Bolliger

Again Laura <3

Christie, Me and Davi Sun

Sina Luzia Fehlmann

Laura <3

Kathleen Moser, Laura and me

We made also Karaoke but no one was singing because everyone was like aaaaaaaaaaaaah omg my bia when the MV was on the screen u.u my poor ears T_T

Fangirly XD

Most of the  pictures are made by friends because I was too lazy for making always pictures XD Most thanks to Laura <3

Since the meeting this song stuck in my head u.u

It was a great day <3 thank you so much ^^

Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. Freut mi, dass Spass gha häsh und d Fotis hesh chöne bruche ^0^ Hoff mr gsehnd üs bald widr... und wann gits dis berüchtigte Kigurumi Treffe? XD

    1. jaa danke nomal <3
      siicher <3
      uhm sobald i ma s paar lüt zemetrummlet ha wo mitmachet u.u