26. Oktober 2012

Concert Post: Crossfaith, Bleed From Within, Bury Tomorrow, Port of Call

Hi Hi  <3

Yesterday I went with some friends to the Bleed From Within, Bury Tomorrow, Crossfaith and Port Of Call concert^^. BFW and BT where the main bands. I really like these both bands but the final reason to go to this concert was the Japanese band Crossfaith <3 They are really awesome <3 

But the most surprise act of the day for me where Port of Call. They are from Switzerland and I really don’t know a lot of good Swiss bands. Most of them sound like a garage band u.u Ryan, the singer is an old friend and I never listen to one song of them until this concert and I was really surprised how great they are ^^ I will post down some links you from POC. 
But now back to Crossfaith <3 AAAWWW they are soooo cute and hot and omg I was dying XD (on anime way: I had freaking nosebleed XD) ok keep calm Anie XD Well Crossfaith was the second band after POC and I was almost in the first line jeeeee *_* XD My neck still hurt because it was freaking amazing and hot and everything together XD im surprised I still have my voice ^^ aww and the drummer (Amano Tatsuy) made a drum solo. I made a video of it ^^

Now some pictures I made at the Concert^^ Sorry for the bad quality but I had only my mobile phone u.u

Crossfaith CD`S *____* They are Amazing <3

Of course a bandshirt

And one more <3

And we had a chance to make a picture with the drummer of Crossfaith <3 he’s sooooooooo Kawaii <3

Bleed From Within and Bury Tomorrow where amazing too but I had no chance for making pictures u.u too many people where “Dancing/Headbanging/Moshing” TT_TT really no chance u.u I will just show you a song of each

Now we come to introduce  Port of Call. I hope you like them as much as I like them now and you will support them <3 I post some links where you can find them and their music ^^

And a Playlist of Port Of Call  ---> Playlist

At the end I show you my look for the concert ^^ since it’s like sport on concert (yeah you will sweat and bang your head till it hurt) I had a really easy look with non destroy hair XD

Easy Gyaru Make up XD

Sayonaraaaaa until the next time ^^V


  1. Your outfit is great ~

    Friggin' love your gauges, also. Not many girls can rock them so well!