16. Januar 2013

Day 3 and 4 in Tokyo

Hi hi <3

Again a huge picture post ^^

Day 3 --> meeting Erik’s aunt in Shibuya, Shiba-Koen Minato, and Ginza
Day 4
--> Ikebukuro and again Asakusa

Day 3

Because Erik’s aunt was in Tokyo this time (she’s Japanese) he wanted to meet her. We meet her at Shibuya and she showed us some stuff and stores we didn’t know in Shibuya. She is such a nice person. I really liked her *.* 

First we went to Coco hair extensions because I wanted long hair and in Tokyo it’s much cheaper than in Swiss. I only paid 10000 yen for full head extension. In this time Erik and his aunt went somewhere in Shibuya and picked me up when I was finished^^ she showed us Loft which was right behind coco and some new underground store.

I made a lot pictures of my lovely shibuya 109 XD

Hachiko <3
109 mens

109 <3
again 109  XD
and again
After Shibuya we went to Shiba-Koen Minato because I wanted to see the Tokyo tower (now come really a lot pictures sorry u.u). First we visited the Pokémon center *0* and then Zōjō-ji shrine and at last Tokyo Tower. She invited us to the Tokyo tower and a meal which was really delicious *0*
u can`t see there is a pokemon center u.u
Heaven *0*

Zōjō-ji shrine
Zōjō-ji shrine and Tokyo Tower
walk to Tokyo Tower

Me in Tokyo Tower with new long hair XD
After Tokyo Tower, his aunt had to go TT_TT. We decided to go to Ginza because it was only around 4pm. I wasn’t really interested in Ginza but I found Sakura Baumkuchen *0*

I loved the snake
Baumkuchen *0*
Good Night ^^

Day 4

At 29.12.12 we wanted actually to go to Disneyland but because the news said it’s going to be a rainy day we decided to stay in Asakusa. But I really wanted some school bags and I asked the hostel staff if they know a place to buy. She told me she bought it at school and I can’t get one in a store and I was really disappointed. She searched a bit and gave me later the idea to search in sunshine city and so we ended in Ikebukuro sunshine city. Unfortunately I didn’t found any school bags in sunshine city but somehow I ended in Alta Ikebukuro. In a really huge shop I don’t know the name I finally found my school bag. I bought 2 schoolbags XD. After Ikebukuro we stayed only around the shrine in Asakusa. 
Ps: this day it never rains -.-

Me that day XD
closet child *0*
Alta Ikebukuro
Bag nr 1
Bag nr 2 XD
Me again ^^
sushi dinner <3

Too many pictures. i'm sorry u.u

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