29. Januar 2013

Int. Gyaru Lovers winter meet! and the weekend

Hi Hi gals <3

I know I’m still not finished about my days in Tokyo but I want to write this entry first. 

 I was at the Gyaru winter meet in Dusseldorf. Daiana and I were the only Swiss gals at the meet. Soooo many Gyaru and some Gyaruo came to the meet^^

Picture made by Binh Truong
 Daiana came at Thursday to my home because we had to fly early and I life near from Zurich airport. We meet at Zurich and bought some stuff we needed for meet. At home we made a Manba evening ^^ it was soooo funny <3

At Friday I had to wake up really early because like always I pack my baggage at the last moment XD  So it was a really stressful morning. Daiana was too tired for doing make up in the morning and made her make up in the airplane.

picture from daiana
picture from daiana
We arrived exactly at 12.00 in Dusseldorf airport. In the airport we meet Kira. Daiana shared a hotel room with her. My roommate canceled because of some stuff so I was forever alone in the hostel XD

First we went to Daiana and Kira hotel but no one was there. They had no one at the reception. Like wtf o.O   so we went to the sister hotel at the reception and because they got booked in an other hotel without they told them they wanted to cancel it. The hotel receptionist was really unfriendly and mean. While they fighting for their right I went to my hostel which was more far away. I was really surprised how clean it was and even it was a hostel, the shower and toilet was in the room. Later I went down to the reception because I wanted to know if I’m alone in this 4 bed room for the weekend but they told me 3 other girls are coming (something funny happened later because of that)

At around 15.00 we went to the main station at Dusseldorf for the first “meeting” with some people. It was really nice to meet all the people I know from the internet. First I was a bit scary because I didn’t know they are all so nice <3

We went to the OCS store for Purikura <3

pictures are from the girls <3
my scans come later XD

After Purikura and OCS and other stores we were all hungry and went to a Japanese restaurant DON. I ate Katsu Don and Edamame <3

Everyone who was full of eating and had still food in the bowl gave it to Mona XD she ate all (good girl) XDDD

 I bought in Gina Tricot after eating a really cute black dress which was only 5 euro XD and some tights for 1 euro and leggings with cross. Ah and at OCS I bought some magazine and bento boxes
Because everyone was tired we went back to the hotel and hostel and I sleep really early XD (the “girls” were still not in the room)

The official meeting day <3

I waked up pretty early again XD. I had a lot of time for dress up and  my make up
My make up and hair for the meeting ^^
my make up place XD
We meet at 13.00 in the main station Dusseldorf and went after a hour waiting for others all to the OCS. Of course they were a kind of shocked because of our huge group. But after time the group split into groups and some went eating, some went home and we stayed in OCS and later again to DON for eating ^^. 
Now come a lot of pictures ^^

 Picture by Binh Truong

Daiana eating XD
I love this picture of us <3
OCS puriii <3
cute kira <3
camewhoring XD
me - daiana
Me - Mona
Me - Kira
Pummi - Me
Me - Kyo
Kitai -Me
Me -Kitai
Caro - Me (picture from caro )
omg that puri XDDDD
Yea i love oppai pictures XD
Barbara and me (picture from barbara)
Waiting for the Puris XD
Again eating at Don
 Everyone went after eating home and we meet everyone again at 20.30 in main station in Dusseldorf. We all went to a cocktail bar for drinking. I was soooo happy they had no alcohol cocktail *0*

But because we were a lot of people we had to wait almost one hour for the drink -.-  that was really annoying -.-

At the cocktail bar a really cute Spanish gal told me she like my blog and I was like OMG I CANT BELIVE *0* I was soooo happy *0*  (hellow marta XD) it’s a huge motivation hear something like this *0* I know exactly when I was in the main station at the first part of the meeting I was like omg she’s soooo pretty when I saw her XD Daiana which can speak Spanish had finally someone which don’t speak German and she can understand *0*

again a lot of pictures XD
My Glavil outfit for party ^^
Getting ready
Ready for partyyyyy <3
waiting for drinks -.-
picture by Linh Nguyen

thats marta <3 shes soooooo cute <3 i look soo stupid XDDD
the girl left had the same shoes like me XD so I called her schoetwin fania XD
  small group picture by Binh Truong

Me, Wesley, Kitai
did I tell you how stupid I look everytime on party pictures o.O omg -.-
Because Kitai feels sick she went home with Kira and the others went to karaoke. I only stayed 1 and a half hour. I had to take Daiana back to hotel and I wanted a bit sleep because we had to go early back to Switzerland T_T

Karaokeee <3
Now the funny and annoying story what happened back in hostel. It was around halve 3 in the morning. I went into my room and saw three new people were in the room. I wanted to be really quiet to not wake up them. It smelled really bad in the room and I was thinking like omg I have to sleep here o.O I need a mask TT_TT. I walked into the room and saw there was 3 men’s o.O I ran out for watching if I’m in the right room. After this I went with a shock to the hotel reception and told them I don’t want to sleep with 3 guys I don’t know in a room and they told me girls are coming but they are men’s. The security left from me was laugh and the hotel staff was like omg no that’s not good I look what I can do. So the booked me in another room at 3am TT_TT the security helped me to take my stuff from my room to the new room (number 007 XD). The room was a 6 bed room and 4 people were sleeping. Because the security and I was made too much noise  at going in the new room everyone wake up at 3 am and I was soooo sorry TT_TT but finally I had to go sleep and 4 hours later I had to wake up again XDDD

 Byeeeee Dusseldorf TT_TT see u again <3

 Special thanks to Kitai for organizing this meeting <3
And to Kira because most of the pictures are from her <3
And it was really nice to meet everybody even I had no chance to talk to everybody *0*
And thanks to Daiana for the great weekend with her<3


  1. wow, really great pictures *_* looks like so much fun!

  2. aniieee so schöne bilder <3 hat mich gefreut dich mal wieder gesehen zu haben :3

  3. :D ich geb mir derzeit die meet up dröhnung und lese mir alle berichte durch. du hattest ja einen echt weiten weg bis nach düsseldorf?!

    und du hast soviele bilder gemacht *_* echt schön das du soviele gals getroffen hast.

    manba steht dir außerdem echt gut

    1. ahaha sind einige ^^
      uhm ne stunde flug von zürich aus^^ weit lang nicht aber teuer TT_TT

      dankeee ^^