18. Januar 2013

Day 7 and 8 in Tokyo: New Year party part 2 and Fukubukuro shibuya 109

Hi Hi <3

Day 7 --> New year party part 2 and visit again the shrine in Asakusa XD lazy day
Day 8
-->  Fukubukuro shibuya109 with Steffi and Shinjuku

New Year Party in club atom part 2.

After New Year some Japanese girls took me up to a table to dance XD I don’t know why but I went up to the table XDDD Actually I don’t like to go to party’s but it’s really amazing in Tokyo. Because I’m really tall I was scared to hit my head at the ceiling u.u 

later we changed the floor to the floor in the middle but only for a short time because it was extremely full o.O. so we went to the room continued high. We saw 3 free Ladies sit (they had in every room a place only for ladies to sit *0*). Next to us was sitting two Japanese girls. They looked really bored >.<. they always said to us we are Kawaii (cute)*0* Of course we made party at the ladies sit place too ^^ somehow the Japanese girls started to make party with us and it was soooooooooooooo amazing *0*
Alot of guys came to us because they wanted to dance with us but we only showed them the lady sit letter because we wanted to be alone and they only went away or gave us high five, wished a happy new year and went away. Around 1 am Erik came to us and said he go back to hostel so I stayed till around 4 am with Steffi and Maryon in the club. OMG and they played Wow Fantastic Baby in the club *0* and other Big Bang songs. They played Jpop, Kpop, american hiphop, house, trance and more. 
What I liked most was if a guy came to you and u didn’t wanted this u only have to say iie (no) or I don’t want and they go away. Only the gaijin (foreigner) male where annoying -.- they didn’t know that rule XD aaah and omg a lot of Japanese guys came to me and told me I’m pretty and I was always like omg I can’t believe *0* awwwww *turn red XD*. Ah and the next thing I like more in Japan than Europe.  If someone accidentally running into someone they say sorry and the story is over but in Europe it’s most the start of a fight u.u and I saw a guy which was really drunken. A guy saw this and helped him. In Europe I never saw this. I really like more to party in Tokyo than in Switzerland.
picture from steffi
At the same day evening Erik and I went to the shrine in Asakusa because they had food stands because of New Year. It looked like in a Manga XD. There where sooooo many people u.u I ate a potato and bought some food for dinner^^ The seller of the potato, a tall guy, was so handsome *0*

 Day 8

Fukubukuro Shibuya109 2013

Steffi and I meet at 7am at Hachiko for going to Fukubukuro. I was really feared of the Fukubukuro because I researched before about it and it looked like a huge mess. We walked to the 109 but they guided us to the underground. We walked a loooooooooong way underground till the end of the queue. I was like omg I never get a bag TT_TT look how many people. The police men gave us a ticket. I never read about it before so I think it’s maybe new. Without this u can’t get in at 109. They opened the shop earlier than normal. I think for normal store times at Fukubukuro u don’t need a ticket.

Shibuya at 7am XD
Happy New Year Hachiko <3
picture from steffi
the ticket

Inside we went at first to Liz Lisa to get a bag. Steffi made a picture how it looks inside. We had to wait around 5 minute for get a bag and no one was pushing *0*
After Liz Lisa we separated. Steffi went to Ank Rouge and I went to Glad news. A few minute later we meet again at a point and went to Glavil to get a bag. At the front of the shop was a shop girl. I looked at her and I was thinking I know her from somewhere. Steffi told me it was an egg model and I was sooo happy and told her how cute she is and she said thanks for supporting egg and her and Glavil. Omg I was so happy *0*

We left at around 8.30am the 109 and went outside for a rest. While resting a guy came to us and asked for an interview. Steffi didn’t wanted to do it but I was telling her it’s a good memory and u can speak Japanese so pleeeeeeease and somehow she said ok.  While waiting for the camera team I wanted to open the bag but the guy said to me they want to film it so I had to wait TT_TT.
They asked us some question about Fukubukuro while opening the bag. I think I was freaking out a bit too much because the interviewer was always laughing and said Kawaii XD I searched the video but I didn’t find it TT_TT
After the interview we wanted to go to ghost of Harlem to get a bag but they were still closed so we decided to go to get a breakfast.  While breakfasting we decided to go back to home and meet in Shinjuku because I was never there.

Me with all our bags^^
picture from steffi
picture from steffi
picture from steffi
in the caffee XD
Glad News Bag
Glavil Bag

This top was in the Glavil bag too but I exchange it with Steffi
If u have any question about Fukubukuro in Shibuya 109 feel free to ask me.
At Steffi’s blog u can read about the Fukubukuro too

In Shinjuku we went to different shopping center and Steffi won me a alpaca and we made Purikura. I really wanted to see some hosts but we didn’t find any u.u ah and we meet Himeko in the La Pafait shop ^^
waaaaaaaaah found the kera shop *0*
Hello Kitty store *0*
I loved the mirror. and i wear fukubukuro stuff
shinjuku ^^


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