17. Januar 2013

Day 5 and 6 In Tokyo New Year Countdown Party in Club Atom part 1.

Hi Hi <3

Day 5 --> I meet a Swiss friend in Ueno and went later with her to Shibuya
Day 6 --> Search for the perfect dress and Meet Steffi and Maryon and her friend and went to club Atom in Shibuya

Day 5

At day 5 which was 30.12.12 I meet a friend in Tokyo which lived before in Switzerland ^^ Her name is Diana. We meet at Ueno station and went to a street which was a bit scary but we found the way out of there later XD Of course the Hard Rock Cafe was on the to go list too ^^ and later we went to the Ueno park and visited Ueno Toshogu Shrine. Later we went to Shibuya 109 because it was a really rainy day. 
It was a pretty short day but I was so happy to meet her and it was even it was rainy a great day <3
The scary street u.u
Kawaii Diana <3
i look sooo creepy XD

 Day 6

Now one of the worst days but the best evening in Tokyo. 31.12.12 COUNTDOWN ^^

The worst day was it because I had no dress for New Year. I searched a dress, shoes and a small bag. I ran from morning till late afternoon in Shibuya, Harajuku and Asakusa alone around for searching a dress. In Asakusa I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t find a dress. But I really found nothing so I went to Shibuya. Not 109 I mean center-gai too and all around. I didn’t find anything which was not too expensive and is perfect. Because I have a huge tattoo on my back and arm I wanted a dress with short sleeves but I only found sleeveless dresses. Ok then I went to Harajuku, Takeshita dori. Nothing -.- I was almost going crazy. After Takeshita dori I went to the store Spinns. There I found a bag and a belt. Both were with gold so I decided to wear black and gold. Then I needed only a dress and shoes. I went to Forever 21, Top Shop, H&M and other stores because I had to find a dress fast but I didn’t found one with sleeve TT_TT My Europe size of shoes is 40-41 and the size LL is too small TT_TT so I didn’t find any shoes and had to wear my boots -.- . Again back in Shibuya I went again to the H&M store and found finally a dress but again sleeveless. So I bought a lace fabric body with sleeve for cover up my arm. Back at the hostel I had only around 1 hour to do my hair and makeup XD It was pretty stressful.
Countdown till New Year

At evening Erik and I went to Hachiko in Shibuya to meet Steffi and Maryon with her friend. We wanted to go early to Club Atom because we thinking its full later in the evening. Because it was still closed and Steffi was hungry we went to take a drink and eat something and later to make Purikura. The guys played in this time we made Purikura outside with something like a laser Ping-Pong. It was around 11PM we went again to Club Atom and went inside *0*. First I really didn’t know where I am. Atom has 3 floors and was really full with people. In Switzerland they NEVER let so many people in. Steffi, Maryon and I let the boys somewhere together and went to the floor which was down. There were almost no people and a lot space to breathe XD. New Year came really fast and a lot Japanese girls came to us and hug us and wished a Happy New Year. It was sooo amazing *0*
Melon Soda *0*

Tomorrow more about New Year party in club Atom ^^ sayonara ^^

I’m really tired now >.<

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